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Guardian Environmental Monitor - Noise, Dust, Vibration

Guardian environmental noise dust and vibration monitor

Guardian Environmental Monitor
Noise, Dust and Vibration Options


The Guardian is a multi-agent environmental monitor with options for noise, particulate (dust) and ground vibration monitoring. The monitor automatically uploads all measurements via the cell network to the cloud. Reports are accessed using a web browser and alerts can be sent by email or text message.

  • Environmental sensors available:
    • Noise - Sound Level, Type 1 / Class 1
    • Dust - Particulate PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0
    • Vibration - PPV, triaxial geophone
    • Wind - speed and direction
  • Web hosted reporting
  • Manual or automatic (emailed) reports
  • Easy self-install
    • Wall or pole mounted
    • Just needs power (100 - 250 VAC)
  • Connection via mobile network (supplied configured and running)


  • Construction Sites & Demolition Sites
  • Boundary Monitoring
  • Roadside Traffic Monitoring
  • City Environment Monitoring
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Planning Guidance


Sensors - Noise, Dust, Vibration

The Guardian can be fitted with any combination of the three main sensor types: noise, dust or vibration. It can also be fitted with wind speed and direction sensors, which are of particular interest when measuring dust or noise.

You choose which sensors you need and the unit is delivered fully assembled - it just needs power.

More information about the sensors...

Mobile Connection

The measurements are uploaded to the web servers over a standard mobile connection.

An eSIM, which is an electronic version of the old SIM chip, is fitted so you don't even have to sort out a phone contract. The Guardian will connect to the strongest signal from a selection of networks.

More information about the connection...


Browser Based Reporting

The monitors automatically send the measurements to a cloud server, where they are kept for long-term storage and reporting.

Users simply log in to a web site to view the results, produce reports and set up alerts.

Reports can be exported or emailed for local or other off-cloud storage.

More information about reports

cloud based noise, dust and vibration reporting



Guardian with Noise Monitoring
2 weeks
Guardian with Dust / Particulate Monitoring
2 weeks
Guardian with Ground Vibration Monitoring
2 weeks
Guardian with Noise, Dust and Vibration Monitoring
2 weeks
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