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We supply sound level meters, noise monitors, vibration and dust meters for use in industrial situations and for environmental monitoring. If you can't find what you need then please give us a call or send an email, we are very happy to offer advice and help choose the most suitable product.

occupational noise

Occupational Noise Measurement

Hand-held sound level meters and shoulder mounted noise dosimeters to measure a worker's exposure to noise.

environmental noise

Environmental and Community Noise

Sound level meters and noise monitoring systems for measuring industrial, neighbor and other noise in the community.

hospital noise

Hospital and Neonatal Noise

Noise warning signs and noise data logging systems to help staff and visitors understand when the noise levels in hospitals and neonatal are too high.

office and call center noise

Office and Call Center Noise

Monitoring and controlling noise levels in open plan offices and call centers. Noise meters and software to help control staff sound levels.

neighbor noise

Neighbor Noise

Recording noise and measuring the sound levels to deal with music, dogs barking, shouting and banging from neighbors.

music noise

Music and Entertainment Noise

Noise control products for use in clubs, hotels and other entertainment venues. These devices can monitor and control the music sound levels.

hand arm vibration

Hand Arm Vibration

Measuring the vibration levels of power tools and the length of time that a worker is exposed to the vibration to assess the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome.

dust meters

Dust Monitoring

Real-time and long term monitoring of dust, fumes and aerosols in an industrial environment. Carry out dust risk assessments.

system integration

System Integration and Interfacing

Linking sound level meters and noise monitors to other systems. Methods available are DC voltage output, AC output, 4-20mA current loop and RS232.


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