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Sound Level Meters from NoiseMeters

Supplying our customers in Canada and exporting to 108 countries, NoiseMeters has remained the home for sound level meters and noise dosimeters for over 17 years. Most items are available for quick delivery from stock and many are also available to rent.

New Product

noise monitor with wifi connection

LiveNoise noise monitoring systems with live displays and long term reporting.


Occupational Noise Measurement

Sound level meters, noise dosimeters and noise monitoring systems for industry and factories to assess noise exposure and protect hearing.


Environmental & Community Noise

Sound level meters and noise monitors for environmental, community, industry and mixed residential/industrial.


Hospital Noise

Noise warning signs and data logging monitoring systems to help create a better environment for the patient.

music noise

Music and Entertainment Noise

Noise inside and outside clubs and other venues, affecting both staff and local residents. To assist in reducing noise complaints.

office and call center

Office and Call Centre Noise

Noise warning and monitoring for open plan offices and call centres. Warn staff when they are talking too loudly.

neighbor noise

Neighbour Noise

Measuring and recording noisy neighbours, loud music, dogs barking and other loud antisocial behavior.

sound level meters

Sound Level Meters

Noise meters for the accurate measurement of sound level.

noise dosimeters

Noise Dosimeters

Shoulder mounted to monitor a worker's exposure to noise.

noise monitors

Monitors & Controllers

Medium and long term noise monitoring and control.

noise sign

Noise Warning Signs

Noise signs and displays to warn of high noise levels.

vibration meters

Vibration Meters

Meters to assess the risk of hand arm vibration syndrome.

dust monitors

Dust Meters

Real-time measurement of airborne dust, aerosols and fumes.

Noise Activated
Warning Sign
NM102 Sound Meter
Advanced Integrating
Sound Level Meter
type 1 integrating sound level meter
1/3 Octave
real-time analyzer with 1/3 octaves
Neighbour Noise
neighbor noise
Outdoor Noise
outdoor noise measurement
GSM / 3G
remote noise monitor with gsm and 3g
Noise Sign
noise warning sign
Noise Sign
noise warning sign
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