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Sound Level and Noise Exposure Calculators


Decibel, dB and Sound Level Calculators

db calculator

Decibel Calculator
Addition and subtraction of decibels, with an explanation of how dB addition works.

ldn and lden calculator

Ldn and Lden Calculator
Calculates both the Ldn (day-night) and Lden (day-evening-night) from hourly Leq.


Occupational Noise - TWA and Dose Calculator and Reporter

occupational noise calculators

These acoustic calculators are designed to help with your noise assessments in line with the OSHA Occupational Noise Regulations. TWA, Dose % and Hearing Protector Calculators.

noise twa and dose calculator

Time Weighted Average and Dose Calculator
Calculates a worker's Time Weighted Average - TWA - noise exposure using the time spent and the sound level at each location.
TWA Calculator Help

hearing protection calculator

Hearing Protection Calculator
Calculates the sound level at the ear when wearing hearing protectors. The calculator uses the NRR, HML or Octave Band method.
Hearing Protection Calculator Help


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