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NoiseSign - Noise Activated Warning Sign

noise sign
Noise Activated Warning Sign

Noise Sign Options

The standard NoiseSign packages includes the following items:

in the box
  • NoiseSign noise warning sign
  • Microphone
  • Power supply (USA, UK, EU)
  • 16ft Power Extension Cable
  • Mounting screws and plugs
  • Instructions

Standard Noise Signs

warning sign


Order code: NS-WARN

For industrial environments and anywhere people need warning about potential hearing damage.

quiet zone


Order code: NS-QZON

To remind staff and visitors to be quiet. Ideal for hospitals, libraries, schools and offices.

Remote Displays

noise warning flashing beacon

Order code: NSB-RED or NSB-BLUE.

A low power, high visibility, weatherproof (IP65) beacon that connects to the NoiseSign. It lights up or flashes when the sound levels are too high. Up to three beacons can be connected to one sign.

Each beacon comes with 32ft (10m) of cable and simple wiring instructions. More details...

remote noise displays

Order codes: NSR-WARN and NSR-QZON.

The NoiseSign can be connected to up to three remote display signs. When the NoiseSign lights up, the remote signs light up in the same way and for the same period of time. Each remote unit comes with a 32ft (10m) cable to connect back to the master NoiseSign or between remote units.

This configuration is suitable for larger areas where a single display may not be noticed, or may be obscured. A Remote Display can also be placed outside a door, warning that the noise levels inside are high.

Data Logging

data logger

USB Data Logger. Order code: NS-LOGG

Plugs into the NS-WARN or NS-QZON sign, adding the ability to store sound levels. Includes software. Can be bought with the NoiseSign, or added at a later date. More details...

Microphone Extension Cables

microphone extension cable

The NoiseSign can be fitted with a remote microphone on a 6ft (2m), 16ft (5m) or 30ft (10m) extension cable.To use this feature, a Class 2 microphone and preamplifier give the drive needed for the extension cable.

The following order codes include the microphone, preamplifier and cable:
Order code: NS-EX2 (with 6ft/2m cable), NS-EX5 (with 16ft/5m cable), NS-EX10 (with 32ft/10m cable)

Outdoor Microphones

outdoor microphone

A range of outdoor microphones is available for use with the NoiseSign. With the sign mounted indoors and connected to a microphone outside, an effective warning of high noise levels caused by industrial processes is provided. This configuration can also be useful for pub and clubs, giving a true warning when the sound levels at the boundary exceed a given limit.

Please contact NoiseMeters for more details and pricing.


Noise Warning Sign
Warning High Noise Levels
In stock
Noise Warning Sign
SHHH Quiet Zone
In stock
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Prices and Ordering

The NoiseSign order codes NS-WARN and NS-QZON include the sign, microphone, power supply and mounting kit.

Order Code
Price (CAD)
NoiseSign Noise Warning Sign - Warning High Noise Levels
In stock
NoiseSign Noise Warning Sign - SHHH Quiet Zone
In stock
Red beacon for NoiseSign with 10m cable
In stock
Blue beacon for NoiseSign with 10m cable
In stock
Data Logging Module for NoiseSign Noise Warning Signs
1 week


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