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NoiseSign - Noise Activated Warning Sign

noise sign
Noise Activated Warning Sign



  • Hearing protection needed
  • Entertainment venues
  • Warning to reduce noise
  • Noise triggered alarm


  • Hospital noise
  • Neonatal noise
  • Schools
  • Libraries


  • Level adjusts to a very high 114 dB(A)
  • Bright LED display for industrial environments
  • Standard hearing protection symbol

factory noiseOccupational - Factory, Industrial

Many industrial environments suffer with intermittently high noise levels. In such environments it may be unreasonable to ask staff to wear hearing protection at all times, so noise activated warning signs can be used to inform them when the levels are high.

One or more NoiseSigns can be mounted at strategic points, set to light up when the surrounding noise levels exceed 80 dB(A) for example.


high noise levels outsideOutdoor Noise Warning

The NoiseSign can be connected to an outdoor microphone system. The microphone is installed outside, connected to the sign that is mounted inside.

With this configuration staff can be warned of high sound levels outside (steam valves for example) that may cause complaints from local residents.


entertainment noise warningEntertainment - Pubs & Clubs

Music in bars, clubs, discos and hotels tends to be of a certain volume to encourage the right atmosphere. However, some DJs and live groups can go a bit far, especially as the evening wears on and their hearing becomes dull, resulting in complaints from local residents.

The NoiseSign is the ideal way to keep the volume to a level agreed with the local residents or noise enforcement officer.



  • Level adjusts down to a very quiet 40 dB(A)
  • Brightness can be reduced for sensitive areas
  • Attractive wall-mounted design

hospital noiseHospital Noise

Noise in hospitals causes patient discomfort and can increase the recovery time. Much of the noise can be avoided if visitors and even staff are reminded of the issue. Noise activated signs mounted in the corridors or wards are an excellent reminder.

The brightness level of the sign can be reduced for use in low-light areas where a bright sign would disturb.



Mounted in classrooms, communal areas and especially in cafeterias, the NoiseSign gives a very clear indication that the sound levels are too high.

In the classroom this makes for a much better learning environment. Elsewhere, it just makes it a more pleasant place to be for the majority who do not want too much noise.

Library Noise

Libraries are usually quiet places, but when people start chatting the noise levels can easily increase. It can be embarrassing to "Shhh" somebody at such times, so a sign that does it automatically is ideal.

The NoiseSign can be set to a very low level, lighting up when too much noise has been made, rather then when somebody else's perception suggests that it is too loud

noise warning sign


Noise Warning Sign
Warning High Noise Levels
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Noise Warning Sign
SHHH Quiet Zone
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