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LiveNoise Web Reporter

online noise reports from livenoise

Web Based Reporting


  • View noise reports online
  • No software to install
  • Access using a web browser
  • Produce daily, weekly and monthly noise reports
  • View noise profile down to 1 second resolution


Access to this web based noise reporting system is included with all LiveNoise Noise Monitors and LiveNoise Interface Modules. There are no annual license fees or similar restrictions.

Accessing the Web Reporter

To access the LiveNoise Web Reporter, you just need a standard browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari). Once you have noise monitors and an account, you can visit the LiveNoise Web Interface and log in.


mobile phone or tablet noise reporting

Mobile Phone or Tablet

The Web Reporter has been designed to be accessible by desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

The site is very efficient, keeping data transmission to a minimum, so it is quick, responsive and does not waste bandwidth.


Typical noise reports include:

  • Periodic charts showing Leq, Ln, Lmax, etc.
  • Charts of high noise alarms
  • Noise profile graph with 1 second resolution

These reports can be export to CSV for viewing and custom reports in Excel or similar spreadsheet programs.

Noise Monitor Requirements

All current version LNT LiveNoise Monitors and Interface modules, and existing units of v1.2.0 or above, have the ability to upload their measurements automatically to the web server (sometimes referred to as a Cloud Server). The noise monitors must be connected to your WiFi or wired Ethernet network and be able to access the Internet.

LiveNoise Range

Add-on Module
From $1166.00
With Low-Cost Mic
From $1196.00
Noise Processor
From $3115.00
Noise Sign
From $3454.00
Industrial Sign
From $3454.00
From $3610.00

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Prices and Ordering

This software is included with all LiveNoise Terminals.


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