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Airwave Application for dBadge 2 Noise Dosimeter

airwave application


The Airwave application runs on a smart phone or tablet and communicates with the dBadge 2 noise dosimeter using Bluetooth wireless technology.

  • Start, stop and pause measurements
  • Check measurement progress
  • View noise exposure levels
  • Email a measurement summary
  • iPhone or iPad - available from Apple App Store
  • Android phone or tablet - available from Google Play Store

The most useful aspect of the Airwave application is that you can control measurements and check progress without disturbing the worker.

This application works with the following models:


Start Stop Pause

start stop and pause the noise dosimeter

You can start, stop or pause the noise measurement without disturbing the worker or having to invade their personal space.

The display is color coded green/blue/red to indicate the run/pause/stop state.


multiple noise dosimeters

Viewing Multiple Dosimeters

The Airwave application can view multiple dBadge2 noise dosimeters at the same time, giving a quick overview of all units that are in range.

In the example here, both dosimeters have had their measurements stopped - probably at the end of the working shift. The top measurement is for a dosimeter set up to show the OSHA noise measurements, as commonly used in the USA. The bottom one shows an ISO measurements, which is used throughout Europe.

Note that the dBadge2 measures all parameters, for ISO, OSHA and other regulations, but just displays the parameters that you need for your regulations.


noise dose measurement details

Measurement Details

Details of a measurement can be viewed at the end of the run or at any time during the run, without interrupting the process.

In this example (zoom in for a better view) the measurement has been running for 1 hour 50 minutes so far and you can see the projected exposure assuming a working time of around 8 hours. You can also check the memory and battery status to ensure sufficient capacity to complete the measurement.


application menu

Sharing Results

The measurement summary can be sent directly from the phone via email, or copied to other applications via the clipboard.


Use Airwave With

Noise Dosimeter
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dBadge2 PLUS
dBadge2 PLUS
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dBadge2 PRO
dBadge2 PRO
Audio Record & Octaves
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