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CasellaDrive Free Software

CasellaDrive Software

Noise Measurements in CSV Files

The CasellaDrive software connects to the sound level meter or noise dosimeter and makes the measurements available as simple CSV files.

  • Meter shows as a local drive (like a memory stick)
  • Measurements organized into CSV files
  • Audio recordings available as WAV files
  • Import directly into Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc
  • Convenient import into other custom software

CasellaDrive works with the following sound level meters and noise dosimeters:

What About the CEL620 Series Meters?

The CEL620A and CEL620B meters already act like a memory stick, so there is no need to use the CasellaDrive software with these. When you connect a CEL620 series meter to you computer's USB port it automatically shows as a drive with the measurements in CSV format.

CasellaDrive or Insight

The CasellaDrive software is intended for those wanting to "do their own thing" with the measurements. If you are comfortable using Excel to analyze the data and produce your own reports, and you are happy copying files around manually then CasellaDrive is ideal. It is also useful for anybody creating custom software that needs access to the measurements without having to write special file handling routines.

If you want something more convenient or you are not experienced in the art of CSV files and Excel then we certainly recommend the Insight Software.

Using CasellaDrive

Once loaded, CasellaDrive sits out of site in the icon tray until the sound level meter is connected to the computer's USB port. At this point it will automatically detect the meter, download all the measurements and make them available on a "local drive" - just like a memory stick.

You can use Windows Explorer to locate the files and then copy them onto your computer or load them directly into Excel or similar spreadsheet program.

AudioNotes and Audio Recordings

If your sound level meter supports AudioNotes or Audio Recordings then these are made available as standard WAV files, which can be copied to your computer or played directly from the drive.

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Prices and Ordering

The Casella Drive software is free of charge and can be downloaded here.

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