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Outdoor Noise Measurement

lightweight outdoor sound level meter kit

Lightweight Outdoor Kit

The noise monitoring kit offers weather protection for the sound level meter and microphone. To save cost it uses the meter's existing microphone and preamplifier (mic. stem), enclosing them in a wind shield system that can be mounted onto a standard tripod.

  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Weather proof carrying case
  • Weather protection microphone
  • 7-day rechargeable battery

This kit is ideal for one or two days continuous use in poor weather conditions. Where the conditions are better (little rain) this kit can be left monitoring noise for up to one week.

Kit contents

  • Data logging sound level meter
  • Sound Level Calibrator
  • Weatherproof carrying case
  • 30ft ( 10m) microphone extension cable
  • Software and download cable
  • Weather protection for microphone and preamplifier
  • Calibration certificates for meter and calibrator

All these items (excluding a tripod) fit inside the weather-proof carrying case, making it very easy to move it between locations. Using the parts included, the microphone can be mounted on a high quality camera tripod that is also included.

The WPKL-P91 kit at $5448.00 includes the Pulsar 91 Sound Level Meter. This satisfies applications where frequency analysis is not needed and is also ideal for environmental and industrial perimeter noise surveys.


Lightweight outdoor kit complete with Pulsar 91 Meter and Acoustic Calibrator
3 weeks
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These Outdoor Kits include the Meter, Calibrator, Case, Outdoor Microphone, Tripod, Software and all cables.

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Lightweight outdoor kit complete with Pulsar 91 Meter and Acoustic Calibrator
3 weeks


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