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Acoustic Calibrators

casella sound level calibrator
Acoustic Calibrator

Sound Level Calibrators - Class 1 and Class 2

NoiseMeters can provide a range of calibrators suitable for the field calibration of sound level meter and noise dosimeter products.

These calibrators are suitable for use with all our range of professional grade sound level meters and noise dosimeters.

  • Class 1 and Class 2 versions to IEC60942 and ANSI S1.40
  • Digital technology for high stability
  • Small and light weight
  • Rugged over-moulded case
  • Two year battery life

Which Calibrator?

The most suitable calibrator from the range depends on your application and the grade of sound level meter that you are using:

Type 2 or Class 2 Sound Level Meter or Noise Dosemeter   CEL120/2 Class 2 Calibrator
Type 1 or Class 1 Sound Level Meter   CEL120/1 Class 1 Calibrator

The CEL120 Calibrator

The CEL120 calibrators have a simple button control. Inside the Calibrator is a MEMS microphone and digital feedback loop to maintain the acoustic pressure at the required level. An indicator shows if the sound level meter's microphone is not inserted in the cavity correctly, overcoming the most common cause of calibration failure.

The Class 1 version of the Calibrator (the CEL120/1) is dual-range, offering a 1kHz tone at both 94 and 114 dB. The Class 2 version (the CEL120/2) offers a 1kHz at a single level of 114 dB.

CEL120 Acoustic Calibrator Datasheet (PDF, 423k)


Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator
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Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator
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