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doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

The doseBadge Noise Dosimeter is the original cable-free design for monitoring a worker's exposure to noise in the workplace. All models of the doseBadge satisfy the occupational noise regulations and offer many additional features too, such as time history plots, software and reporting. The dosimeter mounts on a worker's shoulder to measure noise exposure throughout the day.

All three versions on this page offer the essential measurements for noise in the workplace. The Industrial version provides the basic measurements in a very strong metal case. The Professional version adds more detailed storage, octave band filters and bluetooth. The Intrinsically Safe version is for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

noise dosimeter
Shoulder Mounted Noise Dosimeter

No Cables, No Controls

The doseBadge Industrial was the first noise dosimeter available without a microphone on a cable. All versions of the doseBadge have the battery, microphone and acoustic processor are all enclosed inside the case, making it more robust, safer (no cables catching in machinery) and easier to wear.

Reduced Tampering

One of the main difficulties with noise dosimetry is the worker's temptation to tamper. The doseBadge has no controls, so no buttons will be pressed. It also has no display, so no great visual reward for shouting at the microphone.