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HAVi Vibration Time Monitors with VEXO Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter with Time Monitors
Vibration Meter with Time Monitors
Kit with 3 HAVi and a VEXO Vibration Meter
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Kit with 6 HAVi and a VEXO Vibration Meter
In stock


  • HAVi Hand Arm Vibration Time Monitors
  • A VEXO Hand Arm Vibration Meter
  • Triaxial Sensor
  • Software for VEXO downloading and reporting


  • Hand arm vibration assessments - HAVS
  • Measure the tool vibration levels (using the VEXO)
  • Monitor the vibration exposure time (using the HAVi)


A tool's true vibration levels can be measured using the VEXO Vibration Meter. These figures are then used with the HAVi Vibration Monitor to measure the total exposure that a worker receives.

VEXO Vibration Meter

With the triaxial sensor attached to the tool, the VEXO measures the actual vibration that the worker will be exposed to. For more information about this product please visit the VEXO Vibration Meter pages.

HAVi Vibration Monitors

These small devices mount on a tool and measure the amount of time the worker is exposed to vibration. You enter the vibration magnitude for the tool in use and the HAVi displays the exposure as HSE points.

You can find more information on the HAVi Vibration Monitor pages.

Why Both VEXO and HAVi?

When using the HAVi to monitor a worker's exposure to vibration, the vibration figure used is usually the one provided by the tool manufacturer. However, the vibration of tools can change with wear and when used to process different materials.

One approach is to use the VEXO to measure the actual vibration of the tool. This vibration figure can be entered into the HAVi and used when checking a worker's total exposure.

The basic procedure is:

  • Measure the tool vibration with the VEXO
  • Enter the measured values into the HAVi
  • Attach the HAVi to the tool
  • Monitor the exposure time using the HAVi