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September 2021 Newsletter

NoiseMeters and Cirrus Research Partnership for North America

cirrus research and noisemeters partnership

NoiseMeters has been supplying Cirrus sound level meters to customers in North America since 2002. Both NoiseMeters Inc and Cirrus Research have now agreed to the formation of an exclusive partnership to bolster this relationship for the region.

This investment will ensure continued availability of the product and long term support for service and calibration.

Cirrus Products

Cirrus Research has been producing high quality (Type 1 and Type 2) calibrated sound level meters, noise dosimeters and noise monitors for over 50 years. Meters are available for occupational and environmental noise, including both indoor and outdoor cloud based noise monitoring systems.

All Cirrus meters are of a professional grade, guaranteed to meet Type 1 or Type 2 to the relevant acoustic standards and are provided with calibration certificates.

More recent demands have resulted in Cirrus Research developing both indoor and outdoor noise monitoring systems with cloud based reporting. The noise monitors automatically send the measurements to cloud servers so you can view live data and long-term reports securely using a web browser - no software to install.

All Cirrus meters also benefit from a 15 year warranty. As long as the equipment is returned for calibration every year (as recommended by most noise measurement regulations) the normal warranty is extended for up to 15 years.

Service and Calibration

As part of this new partnership with Cirrus Research, NoiseMeters will operate a fully authorized Service and Calibration Center for sound level meters and doseBadge noise dosimeters.

Using custom lab equipment provided by Cirrus Research we will be able to service and calibrate all your Cirrus sound level meters on-site and also offer the same calibration service for other makes of meter.

Calibration through a Cirrus authorized center ensures the validity of your 15-year warranty and that your equipment is getting checked out in the best possible way - by people who know the meters and know the noise measurement standards.