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Outdoor Noise Measurement Microphone

outdoor microphone

The MK170 Outdoor Microphone is designed for use with the Optimus Green range of sound level meters. It provides weather protection for the microphone capsule along with a 10m microphone extension cable and the ability to mount it on a tripod.

This outdoor mic is ideal for situations where the sound level meter can be mounted indoors or in a weatherproof enclosure with a power source available. The microphone can then be fitted into the MK170 and mounted within 10m of the meter, protected from the elements for unattended noise monitoring.

MK170 Outdoor Microphone

If you have an Optimus Green sound level meter or are considering getting one, the MK170 adds weather protection for the microphone parts. It uses the meter's existing microphone capsule and provides protection against rain and snow. It comes with a windshield, bird-spike and a 10m microphone extension cable.

The base of the outdoor microphone stem is threaded to mount on a standard camera tripod (not included) or it can be used to mount it to a mast for longer term monitoring.

These parts only add weather protection to the microphone, the meter must be indoors. If you need full weather protection for the meter too then please see our Outdoor Noise Measurement Kits.