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Pulsar Nova Sound Level Meter - Models 41 and 42

pulsar nova sound level meter
Pulsar Nova
Sound Level Meter


The Nova range includes this standard (non-integrating) sound level meter, as well as an integrating sound level meter and an octave band version.

The Nova Model 41 (Type 1) and Model 42 (Type 2) are for noise surveys that demand a professional grade meter that is quick and easy to use.

  • ANSI S1.4, IEC 60804 and IEC 60651 Type 1 or Type 2
  • IEC 61672 to Class 1 or Class 2
  • Strong metal case
  • Easily upgraded
  • Optional data logging and software
hand held nova noise meter

This version of the Pulsar Nova is suitable for:

  • Occupational noise assessment
  • Basic noise surveys
  • Alarm testing
  • Sound system installation
  • Vehicle noise measurement

The Nova sound level meter can be used to make instantaneous sound level measurements, or it can be fitted with the data logging option for longer term measurements.

As a hand-held meter, it measures the current sound level with Fast, Slow and Impulse time weightings, as defined in the ANSI S1.4 and IEC 61672 sound level meter standards. It also measures with A, C and Z frequency weighting.

As all time and frequency weightings are carried out simultaneously in the meter, there is no pre-measurement setup to go through, just press Start and the measurement begins.


Type 2 Nova Sound Level Meter
1 week
Type 1 Nova Sound Level Meter
1 week
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Nova Class 2 / Type 2 Sound Level Meter
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Nova Class 1 / Type 1 Sound Level Meter
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Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator. 1kHz, 94dB. For 1/2 inch microphones
Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator. 1kHz, 94dB. For 1/2 inch microphones
Data Logging and Software for Nova Sound Level Meter
Carrying Case for Nova Sound Level Meter
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