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Noise Dosimeter and Hand-Held Noise Meter Combinations

dosimeter and sound level meter combination kit
Occupational Noise Combination Kit

A typical Combination Kit includes the following items:

dBadges Shoulder mounted noise dosimeters. The quantity depends on the kit you choose.
Charger Charges up to three dBadges at the same time.
Sound Meter For hand-held measurements and detailed noise assessments.
Software The Insight software for noise analysis and reporting.
Calibrator To check both the meter and dBadge before measurement.
Certificates Calibration certificates for both the meter and the dBadges.
Case A tough Peli case to protect all parts and accessories.


Typical Combination Kit Contents

Each kit contains dBadge noise dosimeters (quantity depends on order code) and a Sound Level Meter (model depends on order code). All kits also have a Calibrator, dBadge battery charger, software, infra-red to USB download cable and Peli carrying case.

combination kit with dosemeters and sound level meter

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