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Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit

outdoor noise measurement kit

The WPK-633 Outdoor Noise Measurement Kits are designed for the following applications, where a meter needs to be left unattended in poor weather conditions to monitor for up to a week:

  • Environmental noise surveys
  • Community noise assessments
  • Construction and demolition sites
  • Factory and industrial site boundary noise
  • Road traffic and other transport noise

The key features for this kit are:

  • Easily relocated
  • Weatherproof case and outdoor microphone
  • Up to 7 days unattended operation
  • Type 1 Sound Level Meter with 1/3 Octave Band option

These noise measurement kits include a Sound Level Meter that was designed specifically for environmental noise measurement. The meter meets the sound level meter standards to Type 1 (Class 1) and makes all the measurements required by most such surveys, including the periodic LAeq and the statistical Ln parameters (L10, L90, etc).

The meter makes automatic repeating measurements, providing the tables of periodic results typically needed for this type of survey.

There are a number of meters available, but we recommend either the CEL633A1 or the CEL633C1. You can read about the differences on the Meters page. If you want a lower grade meter or don't need all the items included in the standard kits, use the Customize option in the Prices and Ordering section at the bottom of this page.


Outdoor Noise Kit Contents

The standard WPK-633A1 and WPK-633C1 kits contain the following items:


weatherproof outdoor kit case

CEL 633 Sound Level Meter
Usually either the CEL633A1 (Type 1, data logging) or the CEL633C1 (adds real-time 1/3 octave band filters). The meter can be removed from the kit and used hand-held for short term noise measurements.

CEL120/1 Calibrator
Checks the function of the meter. Required by many noise measurement regulations.

Weatherproof Carrying Case
Holds the meter, calibrator and rechargeable battery.

Rechargeable Battery
To allow the meter to run unattended for at least seven days.

Insight Software
To download the measurements and produce reports.


outdoor microphone

Outdoor Microphone and Extension Cable
This provides protection against poor weather (rain, snow, hail) for the noise measurement microphone capsule, preamplifier and connections. A 5m (16ft) cable connects from the microphone to the case.

Windshield and Bird Spikes
The windshield reduces the effect of wind on the microphone and the bird spikes discourage landing and pecking.

The microphone mounts on a standard camera tripod, so if the one included in the kit gets damaged it is easily replaced.


Outdoor noise measurement kit
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1/3 Octave Outdoor noise measurement kit
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Prices and Ordering

These Outdoor Kits include the Meter, Calibrator, Case, Outdoor Microphone, Tripod, Software and all cables.

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Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit with CEL633A1 Meter and Calibrator
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Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit with CEL633C1 1/3 Octave Band Meter and Calibrator
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