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Insight Software

insight sound level meter software
Insight Software for
CEL600 Series and dBadge

The Insight Software downloads noise measurements from the CEL600 series sound level meters and the dBadge range of noise dosimeters. Once downloaded, the measurements can be viewed in a graphical or tabular format. They can be allocated to a person, place or process and reports can be generated.

  • Download from CEL600 Series Sound Level Meter
  • Download from CEL350 dBadge or dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter
  • Store measurements in an easily navigated database
  • Allocate measurements for easy management and reporting:
    • By person - e.g. the worker being assessed
    • By place - the measurement locations
    • By process - rather than by employee, group by process
  • Generate and print reports
  • Export to spreadsheet, PDF, etc.

As the Insight software works with the CEL620, 630 and dBadge (CEL350) series meters, you only need to learn one package and only creat your database entries (person, place, etc.) once.

insight software overview

Instrument Configuration and Download

When a meter is connected to the computer (usually via the USB port), any new measurements will be automatically detected and downloaded to the Downloaded folder.

As well as downloading measurements, the software also shows the meter's calibration information and can be used to configure the meter's settings.

Data and Noise Exposure Analysis

  • Color code results based on levels
  • Analyze time history profiles
  • Noise exposure recalculations
  • Exposure by person, place or process

The results can be color coded to clearly indicate the sound levels, making it easy to spot problems at a glance.

For meters with Time History, graphs can be generated, color coded and annotated. Zones can be added (shown on right), and exposure levels inside and outside these zones can be recalculated. These exclusion zones and such coding is stored with the data file.

recalculate exposure

Managing Data and Generating Reports

  • Report data from multiple meters
  • Report wizard helps generate reports
  • Store data in a simple tree structure
  • Drag and Drop to organize the measurements
  • Export reports to PDF, JPEG, CSV, etc.

Using the report wizard, you can create reports based on a person, place or process, working out the noise exposure based on one or more noise measurements.

occupational noise report

Sound Level Meters and Noise Dosimeters

The following meters can download to the Insight software:


Insight Software Datasheet (PDF, 370k)

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