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dBadge 2 Noise Dosimeter

dbadge2 Noise Dosimeter

Using the dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter

The process for charging, monitoring and downloading measurements is the same for all versions of the dBadge2. The only difference is in the measurements obtained - the PLUS version has audio recording, the PRO version has audio recording and octave band filters.

1. Charge the Battery

The dBadge has a rechargeable battery that will run for up to 35 hours. The charge time is less than 6 hours from flat to fully charged. A charge of just over an hour is sufficient for 8 hours of measurements.

charging the noise dosimeter

Place the dBadge on the charger/dock and plug in to a power outlet.

2. Calibrate

calibrating the dbadge
Calibrator Fitted
on Dosimeter

Most regulations state that you should check the dosimeter's calibration before and after making measurements. A suitable Calibrator is included in the DB2Kx kits.

Place the Calibrator firmly on to the microphone. When you switch the Calibrator on the dBadge should detect its presence and ask for confirmation.

calibration process

3. Fix to Worker's Clothing

noise dosimeter on workers shoulder

The dBadge2 noise dosimeter is mounted on the worker's shoulder, close to the ear, monitoring the sound levels where it matters.

Use the clips provided (already attached to the dosimeter) to clip it on to the worker's overalls or clothing.

4. Start the Measurement

Timers are available to automatically start and stop measurements. The most common way is to start the measurement manually after fitting the noise dosimeter to the worker.


start a noise measurement

Using the dBadge's Keys

The dBadge2 has just two buttons. To start a measurement manually, press and hold both buttons for three seconds.

To prevent tampering the dBadge2 can be set to automatically lock to keypad when running. If auto-lock is not on then you can lock the keypad manually.


Starting using Bluetooth

start via android phone app

You can also use the Airwave application on a phone or tablet to start the measurement. Simply select the dBadge you want to work with and hold the Play icon for three seconds.

This gives the opportunity to start a measurement without getting too up-close to the worker!

5. Stop the Measurement

It is recommended to leave the noise dosimeter on the worker for the full working shift. This way it can work out the noise exposure (TWA, LEP,d, LEX,8hr, etc.) for you. To stop the measurement, press and hold both keys for three seconds - similar to the starting process.

Alternatively you can use the Airwave phone/tablet application to stop the measurement.

6 View the Results

All the measurements that you need to satisfy the occupational noise regulations are available on the dBadge2 display, and also on the Airwave phone based application. Parameters such as Lavg, TWA, Leq, Peak and LEP,d can be noted down manually if you prefer not to use software.

7. Downloading

Transferring the measurements to a computer gives the benefit of generating reports and long term storage.

To download measurements from a dBadge2, connect the docking station to a computer and place the dosimeter in the left-hand position.

You can use the Download Utility program (included with the DB2Kx kits) to download the measurements to an Excel style spreadsheet. If you have the optional Insight software then this can also be used to download the measurements.

usb docking station


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