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dBadge 2 Noise Dosimeter

dbadge2 Noise Dosimeter

The Noise Dosimeter

The dBadge2 Noise Dosimeter mounts on the worker's shoulder and measures the noise exposure throughout the day or working shift. The dosimeter is powered by a rechargeable battery, giving up to 35 hours between charges. The built-in microphone is protected by a windshield. All measurements are stored to the internal memory for download to a computer or to be transferred to a mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth.



  • Provides noise exposure result (no additional calculations needed)
  • Satisfies the requirements of the occupational noise regulations
  • 1 second time history for detailed graphs
  • Full color display
  • Hearing protector assessment
  • Motion sensor



Strong Case

Designed for the industrial environment, the dosimeter case is made from impact resistant and absorbing plastics.

The microphone is protected by the integrated windshield.

strong case

Color Display

The color display clearly shows the state (running, paused, etc) of the dBadge 2. Despite the small size of the dosimeter the display is very easy to read.


Mounting the Noise Dosimeter

noise dosimeter mounting

The dBadge2 mounts on the worker's clothing, attached with simple but strong clips.

The clips are connected to the dBadge body by short, flexible straps, so they do not restrict the worker's movement.

Download to PC

The docking station and charger connects to the computer's USB port for download.

Once connected, the dBadge2 in the left-hand docking port is available for download.

dosimeter docking station
Docking Station and Charger

Mobile Phone or Tablet

phone application for noise dosimeter

The free Airwave application connects to the dBadge2 wirelessly using Bluetooth.

  • Run, Pause and Stop measurements
  • Check measurement progress
  • View noise exposure levels
  • For iPhone, iPad and Android devices

The Airwave app controls multiple dBadges without disturbing the workers.

Noise Measurement Integrity

As you are not with the noise dosimeter during the measurement process, you need ways of knowing whether the process was interfered with. Typical problems are:

  • Worker fiddling with the controls
  • Shouting at the microphone to see the sound level change
  • Taking it off and leaving it in a quiet place to prove there is no problem
  • Taking it off and leaving it in a noisy place to prove there is a problem


Locking Keypad and Display

The keypad and display can be locked to prevent it from being switched off or its settings changed. With the display off the urge to make noise to see the numbers change is removed!


Motion Sensor and Time History

To ensure that the dBadge2 hasn't been taken off in an attempt to influence the results, it presents you with a motion index expressed as a percentage the time.

time history noise profile

The Time History Noise Profile (graph of sound level over time) is also useful. You can usually tell at a glance whether the noise levels through the day were as expected. The Time History includes a number of noise parameters (LAeq, LCpeak, LCeq, etc) along with a motion indicator.

Standards and Regulations

Occupational noise regulations around the world specify the standards that noise monitoring equipment should meet. It is essential that your sound level meter or noise dosimeter meets these standards.

The dBadge2 is designed to meet all the international regulations. For the most common regulations, such as those used in the North America and the EU, it has pre-programmed settings. To satisfy any other regulations parameters such as the Exchange Rate (3 or 5 dB), Threshold and Criterion Level can be changed. See the Specifications page for more details of the settings available.

  • Acoustic Standards
    • ANSI S1.25 Specification for Personal Noise Dosimeters
    • IEC 61252 Specifications for personal sound exposure meters
  • Measurement Regulations and Guidelines Satisfied
    • CFR 1910.95 Occupational noise exposure
    • OSHA (PEL and HC simultaneously), MSHA, ACGIH
    • Physical Agents (Noise) Directive 2003/10/EC
    • ISO 9612:2009 Determination of occupational noise exposure


Multiple Meters In One!

The dBadge2 effectively has three meters built in. This is very useful for certain USA regulations such as OSHA, were you need to measure with different Threshold settings to make the Personal Exposure Limit (PEL) and Hearing Conservation (HC) measurements. Or you can measure to ISO and OSHA at the same time.

Noise Dosimetry Measurements

The dBadge noise dosimeter continuously measures the sound levels throughout the working day and calculates the worker's noise exposure.

USA Regulations

  • Lavg - "A" weighted average Slow sound level.
  • TWA - Time weighted average.
  • Dose % - The worker's noise exposure as a percentage.
  • LZpeak - "Z" weighted (or unweighted) Peak.

European Regulations

  • LAeq - "A" weighted average level.
  • LEP,d or LEX,8hr - The worker's noise exposure level.
  • LCpeak - "C" weighted Peak sound level.
  • LCeq - "C" weighted average level.

Other Parameters - Useful for additional assessment or used by other regulations

  • LAFmax and LASmax - The maximum Fast and Slow sound level.
  • LAE - Sound Exposure Level
  • Pa²hr and Pa²s

For a full list of parameters measured please visit the Specifications page.

Time History

The dBadge2 also stores the Sound Level, Leq, Peak and Max values every second along with the motion index. Although not needed by the regulations, we consider this essential to allow you to check the noisy times of the day and also to check against tampering.


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