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CEL633C Environmental Sound Level Meter with 1/3 Octaves

cel633c environmental sound meter with 1/3 octaves
CEL633C Sound Level Meter

Environmental Noise

The CEL633C is an Environmental sound level meter, suitable for applications that demand an accurate meter of the correct grade along with detailed measurement storage with Time History and automatic measurement timers.

This meter can be used without a computer, reading the measurements from the screen, but really benefits from having the Insight software to download the detailed time history measurements.

  • Designed for environmental noise measurements
  • Meets the required standards (Type 1 or Type 2)
  • All parameters needed: LAeq, LAmax, Ln, etc.
  • Storing and download to computer
  • Detailed time history and 1/3 octave band store
  • Color coded display for ease of use

As this meter measures all parameters at the same time there is no need to select what you need beforehand. Just make the measurement and everything is there.

1. Calibration Check

The regulations and guidelines state that the meter's calibration should be checked before making measurements, and that you should keep records of these calibration checks.

Fit the Calibrator over the microphone as shown on the right and switch it on. The meter automatically detects the presence and correct fitting of the Calibrator and then starts the calibration process, which only takes a few seconds.

Calibration details are stored in the meter so that you can either make note or download them to a computer.

calibrating the meter
Calibration Check

Manual Measurements

To start a measurement, simply press the Run/Stop key, shown on the right.

This starts the measurement and storing process for all parameters, the most important being LAeq, Lmax and Ln (L10, L90, etc). It also stores the time history of the noise, which provides a graph of the sound level over time.

This meter has 1/3 Octave Band Filters fitted so these measurements start automatically too.

When you are happy that you have measured for long enough simply press the Stop key.

start noise measurement
Starting a Measurement


Not Running

Color Coded Display

The current state of the sound level meter can be seen at a glance.

When not running the meter shows the current sound level and the border is red.

When running the meter shows the measurement parameters such as Leq and the border is green.



Automatic, Repeating Measurements

For many environmental noise surveys, you need periodic (usually 5 minute, 15 minute or 1 hour) measurements showing values such as the Leq and the L90.

timed noise measurements
Setting the Timers

To make this type of measurement, set the meter to make repeating measurements of the required duration. The meter will now run for the specified period. It will then stop, store the results and start again automatically. Advanced timers even allow different measurement times for different days.

It is better to mount the meter on a tripod for this type of measurement. A tripod mount is included on the back of the meter. It can be fitted to a standard camera tripod, or we can provide you with a suitable one.

1/3 Octave Band Measurements

The meter will automatically store the 1/3 octave band spectrum at the selected rate. One of the most useful features of this meter is that you do not have to tell it what to measure, or even what range to use. Everything is measured and the wide-span meter covers the whole range from 20 to 140 dB(A).


Type 1 Env. Noise Meter with 1/3 Octaves
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Kit with Meter, Calibrator and Case
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Environmental noise kit with Sound Level Meter and Calibrator
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Occupational Noise
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Occupational 1/3 Octave
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Outdoor Kit

For measuring in poor weather conditions

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The Type 1 sound level meter is available alone or as part of a Kit, which includes Meter, Calibrator and Peli Carrying Case.

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Type 1 / Class 1 Advanced Integrating Sound Level Meter with 1/3 Octaves
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Kit with CEL633C1 Sound Level Meter, Calibrator, Windshield, Peli Case
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