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Microphone for High Sound Levels

High Level
microphone for high sound levels
Sound Level Meter
High Level Microphone

Most professional grade sound level meters will measure up to either 130dB or 140dB. The main restriction is with the performance of the standard microphone capsule and also its ability to survive the extreme pressures involved with higher sound levels.

The MIC1 High Range Microphone is available for the CEL630 series sound level meters:

  • Operates up to 165 dB
  • 1/4 inch capsule with reduced sensitivity

This ability to measure very high sound levels makes it ideal for many applications, including:

  • Controlled explosions
  • Military applications and weapons testing
  • Firing ranges
  • Firework testing

To use the high range microphone you simply remove the standard 1/2 inch capsule from the meter and then fit the 1/2" to 1/4" adapter along with the MIC1 1/4" capsule, as shown above. The meter can then be switched into its high range mode, covering 25 to 165 dB.



The CEL120/1 Class 1 Calibrator (as supplied with the CEL630 kits) is ideal for calibration checks with the MIC1 high range microphone fitted. However, you will need the CEL4726-01 Adapter to make it fit in the calibrator's 1/2" cavity.

calibrator adapter
1/2" to 1/4" Calibrator Adapter

Parts Needed

The high level microphone works with any of the CEL63x series sound level meters:

The additional parts that you need are:

  • MIC1 High Range Microphone
  • MPA1 1/2" to 1/4" Microphone Adapter
  • CEL4726-01 1/2" to 1/4" Calibrator Adapter


High Range Mic for CEL630 Series Meter
3 weeks
High Range Microphone Adapter
3 weeks
1/4 inch Adapter for CEL120 Calibrator
1 week
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High range microphone (165dB) for CEL630 series
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High range microphone adapter
3 weeks
1/4 inch adapter for CEL120 Calibrator
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